Thomas de Graaff


April 2, 2021

What is this about?

This is a more static and general post and deals with all sorts of materials considering stated choice experiments to help master students in conducting their analysis for their thesis. In the last year(s), we developed all sorts of materials, especially in the form of knowledge clips, that may help students in setting up the design, in their estimations, and in interpreting their results.

An example of a stated choice question

Knowledge clips

Paul Koster has made several clip on stated choice experiments

Note that Paul Koster uses a different approach than usual as he allocates points to choices, which is applicable for studying different policies. The attractive feature of this is than one can uses just OLS instead of applying a logit (as typically in the case of discerning between two or more alternatives).

I myself have made some clips this year. One is on an exam question (which is about the interpretation of the outcome and possible biases that may arise in Stated Preference surveys); the other deals with working with logistics regressions and why it is so different from ordinary least squares.

Vincent van de Berg also created content in the context of transport economics:

Background material

Paul Koster refers in his knowledge clip to the work of Sanko, Daly and Kroes (2002), so does Vincent van den Berg in this lecture. You can find this paper here.

Previous theses

Already many theses have been written using Stated preference techniques. Below are some we do find of good quality and that also display the variation in topics. These theses should only be used for inspiration. Do not copy their methodological approach!



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