The WTP for Facilities at the Amsterdam Zuidas

Thomas de Graaff, Henri LF de Groot, Caroline A Rodenburg, Erik T Verhoef
(2007) Environment and Planning A, 39(9), 2099-2118

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This paper reports the results of a stated preference study investigating the willingness-to-pay (WTP) of employees at the Amsterdam Zuidas for the presence of nonshopping and shopping facilities. The Amsterdam Zuidas area, surrounding the current train–metro–tram station Amsterdam Zuid World-Trade-Centre, is the largest multifunctional land-use project currently under development in the Netherlands. For nonshopping facilities, the results show that employees have the highest WTP for the presence of day-care centres and public transport facilities, and the lowest for public and recreation facilities. The average WTP for the presence of nonshopping facilities amounts to approximately €29 per month per employee. The WTP for the presence of shopping facilities is estimated at €25 per month per employee on average, and is in absolute value highest for supermarkets and lowest for flowershops and dry cleaners.